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A List building offer with a Guarantee.

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From the Desk of Reg Whelan.

What’s this?

A List building offer with a Guarantee.

Yes you heard right. My mentor, Craig Caron, has decided to run his successful List driven Profits Training Course again. That’s a full 90 days of intensive training in list building methods that have proven to work time and time again.

In fact Craig is so confident that that he can help you to build your list to 4,500 in just 90 days that he is prepared to offer you your money back if you don’t build your list to that figure.

Craig gives you all the tools and templates and training programs that you need to build your list to that point and to keep expanding it beyond.

But Here is what he has to say himself about the $47 one time cost course he offers.


“Here’s the scoop:

I did this 3 months ago with 150 of my subscribers just to see how well it would go and to see if it was worth my time offering this training class and the results were phenomenal.

So I decided to release my private list getting training program and I want you to be part of it.

By the end of the training program, I personally guarantee that you’ll have an opt-in email list of at least 4,500 people (and that’s starting from scratch).

We’ll cover everything from how to set up a high converting squeeze page to generating tons of traffic and everything in between.

I’ll also give you all kinds of proven opt-in templates and more from my secret stash of resources that I’ve spent years testing, tweaking and perfecting.

I normally charge $1,197 for this private list getting training program.

Don’t worry, I already have you down for your discounted spot.

You just have to sign up before it is to late.”

Click here now to get your guaranteed

List Building Training. NOW!


Welcome to My Blog, Information about RegWhelan and my interests

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Ok that’s an image of me, Reg Whelan. I’m 63 now.(well I was then)

I served in the Queensland Police Force. I resigned from the force and later I opened Reg’s Rocks, A gem and craft shop in Yungaburra, Qld.

My wife was bitten by a whitetail spider on the foot. She was to die from the recurring effects of the bite combined with Diabetes and the cumulative effects of massive doses of antibiotics.

With the opening of Sky Rail out of Cairns the nature of Tourism in North Queensland changed completely. With the loss of 97% of visitors to my area We closed the shop and moved away.

It was during this period that I successfully undertook a course in Business Management sponsored by the Australian Government.

After my wife died I became a recluse for some years. Some friends found me and I moved to South Australia with them.

I learned a bit about Positive Psychology and undertook to find a way of helping others and at the same time help myself.

It has been the philosophy of many successful business people that to get what they want they have to help others get what they want first.

G’day, Reg here. Welcome to my Site.