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Ok that’s an image of me, Reg Whelan. I’m 63 now.(well I was then)

I served in the Queensland Police Force. I resigned from the force and later I opened Reg’s Rocks, A gem and craft shop in Yungaburra, Qld.

My wife was bitten by a whitetail spider on the foot. She was to die from the recurring effects of the bite combined with Diabetes and the cumulative effects of massive doses of antibiotics.

With the opening of Sky Rail out of Cairns the nature of Tourism in North Queensland changed completely. With the loss of 97% of visitors to my area We closed the shop and moved away.

It was during this period that I successfully undertook a course in Business Management sponsored by the Australian Government.

After my wife died I became a recluse for some years. Some friends found me and I moved to South Australia with them.

I learned a bit about Positive Psychology and undertook to find a way of helping others and at the same time help myself.

It has been the philosophy of many successful business people that to get what they want they have to help others get what they want first.

G’day, Reg here. Welcome to my Site.

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